Integrated Master in Psychology

International Student Applications


Students that don’t have have Portuguese nationality, nor from another country of the European Union;

Students who are not of Portuguese nationality or from another European Union country, have not resided in Portugal for more than 2 years uninterruptedly or are beneficiaries of equal rights granted under the international treaty granted by the Portuguese State and the State of which they are nationals by 1 January of the year of application.

Students holding a high school diploma or equivalent in their home country.


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Who can apply for international student vacancies in degree or integrated masters?

International Student Special Competitions may apply to candidates who:

• do not have Portuguese nationality;
• are not nationals of a Member State of the European Union;
• have not been legally resident in Portugal for more than two years in a row from 1 January of the year in which they want to apply for higher education;
• are not family members of Portuguese or nationals of a Member State of the European Union;
• do not benefit from the status of equal rights and duties granted by any international treaty signed by Portugal and the country from which they are nationals, on 1 January of the year they intend to enter higher education.

Anyone who joins the international student regime may subsequently change their student status?

A student who joins under the International Student Regulations maintains international student status until the end of the course in which he or she enrolls or enrolls.
Only international students who acquire the national of a member state of the European Union in the course of the course, and apply only in the following school year.

Being an International Student how can I apply for the Integrated Master in Psychology cycle?

As an International Student you can apply in two ways:

• Through the Special International Student Access and Entry Contest – If you have completed high school or equivalent, with the conditions provided in the information on this page;

• Through the Special Institution / Course Pair Change Contest – if you are attending or have attended higher education without having completed it, under the conditions provided in the information in the link: HERE
(Applications usually start in June / July)

What are the entry conditions for the Special International Student Access and Entry Contest?

Candidates compete for the qualifications which in their home country would give them access to higher education. In any case, they must demonstrate that they have passed the specific subjects of the Integrated Master in Psychology (two of the following: Biology, Mathematics, Portuguese), or through the final exams, if any, or by passing the corresponding subjects in their plans of studies.

What is the validity of entrance exams?

The ENEM, Vestibular or other tests valid for the application are those held in the year or three years prior to the application. Thus for 2019/20 there are valid proofs of 2019, 2018, 2017 or 2016.

As an International Student and holder of a foreign higher education, how can I join, considering that my entrance exams are no longer valid?

You will have to take the ENEM if you are in Brazil or apply for the entrance exams set for the course, under the general access regime, through the Directorate General of Higher Education.

When should I apply as an International Student?

You should consult the Notice that is available on the Internet for information on dates and vacancies available for each application phase. In the same notice you also find the necessary documentation and conditions of admission. Applications for the EI Special Entry and Entry Contest usually start in February.

Being Brazilian with European nationality, holder of a Higher Degree (Bachelor) in another area how can I join the Integrated Master in Psychology?

You can apply through the Special Institution / Course Pair Change Contest – if you are attending or have attended higher education without having completed it under the conditions provided or through the Special Contest for Holders of a higher education course.
These two competitions follow the rectory calendars, with the application period from July to August and the release of results in mid-September.

Has the documentation submitted be original? How can I provide proof if applications are submitted online?

All documents will be submitted in digital format at Portal Fénix for the purposes of instruction and consideration of the application. Subsequently, if admitted, at the time of registration, the originals or certified copies must be presented.
Under penalty of exclusion, foreign documents must be endorsed by the Portuguese Consular Office or presented with the affixing of The Hague Apostille by the competent authority of the State from which the document originates and, where not issued in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish must be translated by an official translator into one of these languages.

Why is the “Scale used in the High School Classification” necessary?

In Brazil, in high school, if the evaluation is positive, the existing scales are from 4 to 10, from 5 to 10, from 6 to 10 or even from 7 to 10.
Given the existence of several scales, we need to obtain the scale used by the educational institution where the student attended high school, so that the jury will be able to convert proportionally to the approval scale from 100 to 200, according to Ordinance No. 699. / 2006, of July 12, and can then serialize the students. If the student, in the document with the High School assessments, does not have the indication of the scale used, the application is excluded because there is no way to calculate the entrance grade.

What amounts to pay in the application?

The fee to be paid for the application is 60,00 € (sixty euros), and can be paid by reference MB, option “Online payment” (credit card) in Phoenix or in person at the Treasury of FPULisboa. There is no refund of the application fee if the applicant is excluded or not selected. Applications that have not paid the application fee by the application deadline are completely excluded.

How do I know I'm admitted?

The list will be published on the page of the Faculty of Psychology, on the date defined in the announcement for posting results.

How much to pay for tuition fees?

The annual tuition fee for the academic year 2019/2020 is € 5000.00 (five thousand euros), plus school insurance, and can be paid by reference MB, option “Online payment” (credit card) in Phoenix or in person at the Treasury of FPULisboa.
Upon registration and registration, 30% of the total amount of the tuition fee must be paid, which corresponds to 1500,00 € (one thousand and five hundred euros). Even in case of withdrawal there is no place to return this amount.
The remaining amount of the fee may be paid in full or in installments, on dates to be defined. In the case of formally withdrawing studies, the student is only exempt from paying the annual attendance fee (tuition fees) that have not yet expired at the date of the cancellation request.


Joice Kjolner Worm

Former PhD student – Brazil

The Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon, besides representing for me the place where I developed intellectual capacities (while acquiring knowledge of the various theories, models and research methods) also means that I was accepted as a person, as a colleague and as a student, at the same time that he experienced, at each obstacle, an invigorating sense of resilience and motivation. Here I learned that positive thinking and the regulation of my emotions were reasons for my success. I thank all my teachers, colleagues and staff for being part of my story.


Carolina Rodrigues Silveira

PhD Student
Officer of the Brazilian Army
Member of the UN Peace Mission

For me, studying in Faculty of Psychology of ULisboa is more than an opportunity to learn theories about the World of Organizations, but a possibility to live daily with people who demonstrate –   in practice – that the true value of an institution is the people who work in it.   The Department of Organizational Psychology is much more than a working group … it’s a team that helps each other. Being part of this team, it softens the distance of the friends and relatives who stayed on the other side of the Atlantic.


Jana Debus

Human Resources at Siemens
Former student

I’am studying Psychology of Work, Organization and Health at the Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands. Last September (2016) I came to Lisbon to write my Mastert Thesis in collaboration with Professora Maria José Chambel (Faculty of Psychology). When I arrived I got a warm welcome from professors and (PHD-) students. Any question I had was answered and any help I needed was given. I could easily use all the facilities at the university. I spent my time there mostly in the student room, the library and the canteen. I had a great stay and met inspiring people.

If you are Brazilian, check out everything you need to know to study, live, get to know Lisbon / Portugal.