It is with great pleasure that we greet

Luís Curral - Diretor Faculdade de Psicologia

This is one of the doors of our house, a door that we want you to take not only to a virtual place, but also to the physical space in which we live and work daily.So here’s the invitation, not only to go every corner of our site, but also to visit us here at Cidade Universitária, next to Campo Grande, in this building of recognized beauty and architectural excellence.

The study and research in Psychology is of increasing relevance, not only because it is the discipline of the social sciences that has advanced the most in the study of the individual and collective human behavior, but also for its impact in other areas of study such as Economy, Management, Environment, Education, Life Sciences and Health.

This is a Faculty oriented to the excellence of scientific production, but also its intensive and high quality education with great implications on the professional practice.

For this reason, all teaching that is developed here is based on the results of research developed here. A knowledge that, despite being inevitably based from the great theories of the past and the present, is not bound to books and articles, but rather lived, always close to reality and current problems.

The result is not only the incomparable level of “employability” of our students, the high rate of adherence to our PhD and Postgraduate programs, but also the high active role that our teachers/researchers have in the life of the country through support of many different institutions and national development programs. In a purposefully discreet way, much of the work done by our teams has influenced many positive reforms that have taken place in our country.

Another relevant aspect that shows the scientific-pedagogical orientation of our Faculty, is its participation in courses at the masters and PhD levels at a transdisciplinary level.

At an international level, the recognition of the quality of our work has allowed for more and important partnerships, partnerships that our students greatly benefit, from all levels of education, as well as teachers and researchers.

This international recognition is also the reason for the growing number of international students that come to study at our faculty as well as researchers from other countries who come here to develop partnerships.

These 37 years of history made on intense and careful work have flourished results. This is our secret for being recognized in highly regarded international rankings as one of the best Portuguese faculties and one of the top 250 in the world.

We could talk all day, but let’s leave it at that, and invite you once again to enter this door that is open to the world and to the world.

Luís Curral
Head Of Faculty


The main goal of the Faculdade de Psicologia da Universidade de Lisboa  is to offer world-class training and research in psychology and cognitive science. It is also part of our mission to disseminate psychology as a science and as a scientifically grounded intervention.

FPUL forms psychologists to intervene with scientific rigor and critical thinking in the fields of health, education, environment and work. Both in the field of research and intervention, FPUL has as its guidelines the major social challenges of today, ranging from the creation of healthy organizations to a change in environmental behavior, from combating mental illness in the modern world to promoting well-being at school, and to tackle the over-indebtedness of promoting balanced development of adolescents.

Last but not least, FPUL’s mission is to provide the community with answers to its psychological needs in a fair and sustained way, sustained in the best psychological science.


FPUL’s vision is to become a leading psychology school in Europe attracting the best researchers and teachers to work in a welcoming, challenging and global environment.

Efficient resource management and a culture based on merit are the key tools for answering, through science and human face innovation, to the challenges of our society.


Excellence; Humanism; Critical thinking; Sustainability.