PhD Programs
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Strong internationalization component. Participation in national and international networks of excellence. Integration in strategic partnerships and interdisciplinary thematic colleges.

Wide offer for further studies. Postgraduate specialization courses, Masters and PhD.

Diversified inventory of psychological assessment materials.

Psychopedagogical support and development of academic and psychosocial skills. Vocational support, promotion and monitoring of the integration of recent graduates.

Provision of consultancy, training and research services in the field of psychology, clinical services, vocational and career counseling.

Scientific activity of excellence, specialized laboratory structures where Fundamental and Applied Research is developed in several domains of psychology.










Joice Kjolner Worm

Former PhD student – Brazil

The Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon, besides representing for me the place where I developed intellectual capacities (while acquiring knowledge of the various theories, models and research methods) also means that I was accepted as a person, as a colleague and as a student, at the same time that he experienced, at each obstacle, an invigorating sense of resilience and motivation. Here I learned that positive thinking and the regulation of my emotions were reasons for my success. I thank all my teachers, colleagues and staff for being part of my story.


Carolina Rodrigues Silveira

PhD Student
Officer of the Brazilian Army
Member of the UN Peace Mission

For me, studying in Faculty of Psychology of ULisboa is more than an opportunity to learn theories about the World of Organizations, but a possibility to live daily with people who demonstrate –   in practice – that the true value of an institution is the people who work in it.   The Department of Organizational Psychology is much more than a working group … it’s a team that helps each other. Being part of this team, it softens the distance of the friends and relatives who stayed on the other side of the Atlantic.


Jana Debus

Human Resources at Siemens
Former student

I’am studying Psychology of Work, Organization and Health at the Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands. Last September (2016) I came to Lisbon to write my Mastert Thesis in collaboration with Professora Maria José Chambel (Faculty of Psychology). When I arrived I got a warm welcome from professors and (PHD-) students. Any question I had was answered and any help I needed was given. I could easily use all the facilities at the university. I spent my time there mostly in the student room, the library and the canteen. I had a great stay and met inspiring people.