Notícias e Destaques

CONFERÊNCIA ABERTA "Using arm movements to detail the timing of cognitive processes"-PhD Jason Friedman-29/Maio,Sala 9

23 Maio 2013

Conferencista: Prof. Doutor Jason Friedman

Data: 29 de Maio de 2013

Horário: 17 Horas

Local: Sala 9, da Faculdade de Psicologia da Universidade de Lisboa

Abstract: Response time and accuracy have been widely and successfully used as ways of studying many types of cognitive processes. The process leading up to making a decision has usually been modelled as an accumulation of evidence, and a decision is made (usually pressing a button) when a bound is reached. While there is strong evidence for this accumulation process from neurophysiological monkey studies, and brain imaging in humans, using reaction time data does now allow us to observe this accumulation process. The details of this process would be particularly interesting when there may be multiple processes occurring, such as in situations with conflict.

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